Nathan V Welham, PhD, CCC-SLP

Associate Professor

  • Division of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
(608) 263-0121

Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR) BLDG. 1485
1111 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53705-2275


  • BSLT (Hons I), University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1995-1998
  • MSLT (Dist), University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1999-2000
  • PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, 2000-2005

Clinical Specialties

Dr. Welham specializes in the assessment and treatment of patients with organic, neurological, and functional voice disorders, resonance disorders, and upper airway disorders such as paradoxical vocal fold motion. He also treats patients with occupational voice problems.

Certificates: American Speech Language Hearing Association Certificate of Clinical Competency
Licenses: Speech, Language Pathology

Research Interests

Dr. Welham’s research interests include vocal fold mucosal biology; extracellular matrix-focused proteomics; and vitamin A transport, storage and function.

Recent Publications

  • High-resolution magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry imaging of the human larynx.
    Kishimoto AO, Kishimoto Y, Shi X, Hutchinson EB, Zhang H, Shi Y, Oliveira G, Li L, Welham NV, Rowland IJ
    J Anat 2021 09; 239(3): 545-556
    [PubMed ID: 34032275]

  • Quantification and molecular imaging of fatty acid isomers from complex biological samples by mass spectrometry.
    Zhang H, Xu M, Shi X, Liu Y, Li Z, Jagodinsky JC, Ma M, Welham NV, Morris ZS, Li L
    Chem Sci 2021 May 04; 12(23): 8115-8122
    [PubMed ID: 34194701]

  • On-Tissue Derivatization with Girard's Reagent P Enhances N-Glycan Signals for Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Sections in MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging.
    Zhang H, Shi X, Vu NQ, Li G, Li Z, Shi Y, Li M, Wang B, Welham NV, Patankar MS, Weisman P, Li L
    Anal Chem 2020 10 06; 92(19): 13361-13368
    [PubMed ID: 32865977]

  • Proteomic and Genomic Methylation Signatures of Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis.
    Schoeff SS, Shi X, Young WG, Whited CW, Soni RS, Liu P, Ong IM, Dailey SH, Welham NV
    Laryngoscope 2021 02; 131(2): E540-E546
    [PubMed ID: 32619300]

  • Dynamics of vitamin A uptake, storage, and utilization in vocal fold mucosa.
    Nishimoto K, Toya Y, Davis CR, Tanumihardjo SA, Welham NV
    Mol Metab 2020 10; 40: 101025
    [PubMed ID: 32473404]

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