Patrick Schwartz, MD

General Surgery Resident

Dr. Patrick B. Schwartz is currently a general surgery resident. He is originally from Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Patrick graduated with Departmental honors in Neuroscience and Psychology from Indiana University, Bloomington. He then went on to pursue his doctorate in medicine from Indiana University School of Medicine, where he graduated in 2017. Patrick is interested in the surgical care of patients with hepatopancreatobiliary cancers, as well as understanding the impact of disruption of our innate biologic clocks (i.e. the circadian molecular clock) on the induction and progression of primary liver and pancreatic tumors.

Patrick enjoys spending time with his wife, Nancy, with whom he shares a love of running, downhill skiing and good food.


  • MD, Indiana University School of Medicine, 2017
  • BS, Neuroscience, Psychology, Indiana University


  • T32 Training Grant – Molecular and Environmental Toxicology, 2019
  • GI DOT Trainee Pilot Project Award – Developing a Pipeline to Perform Whole Genome Sequencing for Pancreatic Cancer Patients at University of Wisconsin