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Friday, May 6, 2016


7:00 Registration, Continental Breakfast & Exhibits

7:30 Welcome – K. Craig Kent, MD

7:35 Introduction – Eugene “Chip” Foley, MD

I. Breast Surgery

Moderators: Lee Wilke, MD, and Jennifer Steiman, MD

7:45 Margins for Breast Cancer Surgery – What Tools Do You Need To Be Successful
- Lee Wilke, MD

8:05 Oncoplastic Breast Surgery and How to Get Started – Suzanne Klimberg, MD

8:35 Breast Cancer Follow-up: Physician Visits and Xrays – Heather Neuman, MD

8:55 Contralateral Mastectomy: Pros and Cons – Jennifer Steiman, MD

9:15 Panel Discussion

9:35 Refreshment Break & Exhibits

II. Endocrine Surgery

Moderators: Rebecca Sippel, MD, and Susan Pitt, MD, MPHS

10:05 What to do with Mild Hyperparathyroidism – David Schneider, MD, MS

10:25 What Role Does Preoperative Imaging Play in Primary Hyperparathyroidism?
- Douglas Fraker, MD

10:55 Molecular Testing – Does it Add Anything to Thyroid FNA? – Susan Pitt, MD, MPHS

11:15 Lymph Node Management in Thyroid Cancer – Rebecca Sippel, MD

11:35 Panel Discussion


12:00 Lunch & Learn Roundtables with Exhibits


Table 1: Management of Adrenal and Neuroendocrine Pancreas – Douglas Fraker, MD
Table 2: Foregut Surgery and Flexible Endoscopy – Bruce Schirmer, MD
Table 3: Breast Surgical Oncology – Suzanne Klimberg, MD
Table 4: Colorectal Surgery – John Monson, MD
Table 5: Emergency General Surgery – Daniel Vargo, MD
Table 6: GI Surgical Oncology – John Mansour, MD
Table 7: Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction – Samuel Poore, MD, PhD
Table 8: Liver Resection for Metastatic Disease – Daniel Abbott, MD
Table 9: Breast Pathology – Paul Weisman, MD
Table 10: Pancreas Cystic Disease – Emily Winslow, MD
Table 11: Peri-operative Care of the Thyroid Patient – Becky Sippel, MD
Table 12: Thoracic Surgery for the General Surgeon – Ryan Macke, MD
Table 13: Best Practices for Bariatric Surgery – Anne Lidor, MD
Table 14: Transplant Considerations for the General Surgeon – Robert Redfield, MD
Table 15: Financial Considerations for Surgeons – Bruce Harms, MD, MBA
Table 16: The Future of Minimally Invasive Vascular Care: Percutaneous Outpatient Procedures – Kyla Bennett, MD

III. Surgical Oncology

Moderators: Emily Winslow, MD and Daniel Abbott, MD

1:00 Peritoneal Surface Disease and Colorectal Cancer: What Surgeons Should Know
- Daniel Abbott, MD

1:20 Gastric Cancer: Another Look – John Mansour, MD

1:50 Unusual Indications for Cholecystectomy Part II – Emily Winslow, MD

2:10 How to Break the News That Surgery is Not the Best Option – Toby Campbell, MD

2:30 Panel Discussion

2:50 Refreshment Break & Exhibits


Case 1: Laparoscopic Sigmoid Resection
Charles Heise, MD and Evie Carchman, MD

Case 2: POEM Procedure
Luke Funk, MD, and Amber Shada, MD

Moderator: Eugene “Chip” Foley, MD

Case Director: Jon Matsumura, MD

Panel: Bruce Schirmer, MD, John Monson, MD,
Eugene “Chip” Foley, MD, Michael Garren, MD

Panel Discussion: Ongoing

5:00 Welcome Reception
Special performance by composer/pianist/surgeon Dr. Adam Dachman

Saturday, May 7, 2016


7:00 Continental Breakfast & Exhibits

IV. Emergency General Surgery

Moderators: Ann O’Rourke, MD, and Amy Liepert, MD

7:30 Pancreatitis – Angela Ingraham, MD

7:50 Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction – Daniel Vargo, MD

8:20 Current Management of the Open Abdomen – Angela Gibson, MD

8:40 Improving Outcomes in Acute Care Surgery – John Scarborough, MD

9:00 Panel Discussion

9:20 Refreshment Break & Exhibits

V. Colorectal Surgery

Moderators: Evie Carchman, MD, and Eugene “Chip” Foley, MD

9:50 Complex Fistula Disease – Eugene “Chip” Foley, MD

10:10 Center of Excellence for Rectal Cancer: The Future is Now – John Monson, MD

10:40 Fecal Incontinence: Electrical Stimulation – Charles Heise, MD

11:00 Updates in MIS for Colorectal Cancer – Evie Carchman, MD

11:20 Panel Discussion

11:40 Lunch Session: Chairman’s Case Presentation – K. Craig Kent, MD


1:00 Refreshment Break & Exhibits

VI. Minimally Invasive Surgery

Moderators: Michael Sloan, MD, and Anne Lidor, MD, MPH

1:30 Advances in Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair: Meshes, Fixation Devices and Positioning Systems – Luke Funk, MD, MPH

1:50 The Changing Spectrum of Bariatric Operations and Procedures – Bruce Schirmer, MD

2:20 GERD in 2016: Who Should We be Treating and How? – Anne Lidor, MD, MPH

2:40 Advanced Surgical Endoscopy: The Latest and Greatest – Amber Shada, MD

3:00 Panel Discussion

VII. Vascular Surgery

Moderators: Suresh “Mitu” Agarwal, MD, and Girma Tefera, MD

3:20 Insights into Carotid Surgery Through Health Services Research – Kyla Bennett, MD

3:40 TEVAR and Fenestration for Type B Dissection – Paul DiMusto, MD

4:00 Innovative Treatment of Aortic Aneurysms – Dai Yamanouchi, MD

4:20 Efficiencies in Emergency Surgery: Ideal Use of ImageShare – Jon Matsumura, MD

4:40 Panel Discussion

5:00 Closing Remarks – Eugene “Chip” Foley, MD

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