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Educational Conferences

Morbidity and Mortality Conference (M&M)
M&M is a biweekly conference coordinated by the Division of Vascular Surgery. This conference involves the presentation of cases in which surgical complications are presented and discussed by the trainees involved with those particular cases using literature to support the discussion. The vascular surgery faculty are present and contribute to the discussion. This conference alternates weeks with the Indications conference.

Indications Conference
Upcoming cases for the week are presented by the resident doing the case, and faculty lead a discussion in the diagnosis and alternative management options for the patient. Interesting cases are also presented. This conference alternates weeks with the M&M conference.

Clinical Research Conference
Every month the Division of Vascular Surgery has a clinical research conference that updates the faculty and residents on currently enrolling studies, as well as upcoming studies. A presentation related to ongoing or upcoming research is also typically a part of this conference.

Webex Journal Club
Webex Journal Club is a monthly conference that allows the UW trainees and faculty to hear from national and international experts in a grand-rounds style presentation via video conference. Topics span the range of vascular surgery and often include authors of recent publications in the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, Circulation, Lancet, and the Journal of Vascular Surgery.

Vascular Lab Quality Assurance
Once a quarter, the Division holds a quality assurance meeting for the inpatient and outpatient non-invasive vascular labs. This conference helps to maintain the integrity of our vascular lab studies by reviewing complex or questionable cases. Teaching on a specific vascular lab test is also typically included.

Basic Science Conference
The monthly basic science conference features experts from the basic science departments discussing various aspects of vascular biology.

Vascular Surgery Journal Club
The Vascular Surgery Journal Club is held once a month, typically on Monday evenings, at a local restaurant or faculty home. One trainee and faculty member work together to select current articles related to a specific topic in Vascular Surgery. Each trainee is then assigned an article to review and present to the group over dinner with faculty moderating the discussion.

Weekly Schedule

Vascular residents attend all vascular conferences regardless of rotation;
PGY1-3 attend Core Surgery Conferences

Monday: 6:30am -7:15am – M&M/Indications (alternate weeks)

7:15am -7:45am – Webex Rounds

7:45am -8:45am – Webex Journal Club/Clinical Research/Basic Science/Vascular Lab QA

Tuesday: No conferences scheduled

Wednesday: 7:30-8:30 am Vascular Surgery Teaching Conference

Thursday: No conferences scheduled

Friday: No conferences scheduled Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System