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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


10:00-11:30   Pre-Meeting Conference (PIs Only)


11:30   Lunch/Welcome Remarks
          Dixon Kaufman, MD, PhD, FACS
          University of Wisconsin-Madison

Session 1   B Cells, Complement and Graft Rejection
                William H. Baldwin, MD, PhD
                Cleveland Clinic


12:00   Novel Granulocytes in Tissue Inflammation (Rob Fairchild)
12:30   Tracing the Fate of Endogenous Alloreactive B Cells (Anita Chong)
1:00     Role of B Cells in Alloimmunity (Geetha Chalasani)
1:30     Effects of Hypoxic Airway Epithelium on Complement Regulatory Proteins
            (Pankita Pandya)
2:00     Th17 Cells Are Not Required for Cellular Rejection and Fibrosis in a Mouse Model
            of Orthotopic Lung Transplant (Rebecca Shilling)

2:30     Break

Session 2   Control of Auto- and Alloimmunity
                David Wilkes, MD
                Indiana University School of Medicine

3:00     Making Treg “Stop and Smell the Roses” (David Rothstein)
3:30     Harnessing the Tolerogenic Properties of Human Invariant Natural Killer T Cells
            (Jenny Gumperz)
4:00     Pathogenesis of Autoimmune Islet Injury (Ronald Gill)
4:30     Role of CD103 in Initiation of Autoimmune Diabetes (Gregg Hadley)

5:00     Poster Session/Wine and Cheese

6:45     Dinner at Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

Thursday, October 11, 2012


8:00     Breakfast

Session 3   Mechanisms of Tolerance, Resistance and Susceptibility
                Anita Chong, PhD
                University of Chicago

9:00    Targeting Donor-Reactive Memory T Cells in Transplantation (Mandy Ford)
9:30    Anti-IL-12/23 Synergizes with Costimulatory Blockade to Prolong
          Transplant Survival in Mice and Non-Human Primates (Andrew Adams)
10:00   Memory T Cells and Lymphoablation in Allograft Recipients (Anna Valujskikh)
10:30   A Proposed Mechanism for Microchimerism-Based Allograft Tolerance
          (Will Burlingham)

11:00   Coffee Break

11:15   Charles G. Orosz Memorial Lecture:
          J. Lee Nelson, MD
          Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
          Seattle, WA


12:15   Lunch

Session 4   Mini Session – New Topics Forum
                Marisa Alegre, MD, PhD
                University of Chicago

1:30     The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor: A Novel Target for Immunomodulation in Organ
           Transplantation (Josh Mezrich)
2:00     Personalized Medicine in Transplantation (David Perkins)

2:30-3:00   Closing Remarks and Adjourn Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System