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18th Annual Great Lakes Transplant Immunology Forum

University of Wisconsin
Union South – Varsity Hall (2nd Floor)
1308 West Dayton Street
Madison, Wisconsin

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Varsity Hall I

11:00 Registration and Lunch

11:45 Welcome Remarks
Will Burlingham, PhD, Professor – University of Wisconsin–Madison Department of Surgery

Session 1: Microbiome and Transplantation
Josh Mezrich, MD – University of Wisconsin


12:00 Microbiota Composition Contributes to Interpersonal Variability in Solid Organ Transplant Outcome
Maria-Luisa Alegre, PhD – University of Chicago

12:30 A lung microbiome that promotes resilience to BOS in lung transplant patients
David Perkins, MD, PhD – University of Illinois at Chicago

1:00 Differential Effects of Particulate Matter on Immunity are Source-Dependent
Joshua Mezrich, MD – University of Wisconsin-Madison

1:30 Role of FcgRIIB in Regulating Donor-Reactive CD8+ T Cell Responses following Transplantation
Mandy Ford, PhD – Emory Univeristy

2:00 Break (Varsity Hall III)

Varsity Hall I

Session 2: Tolerance: New Approaches and Mechanisms
Giorgio Raimondi, PhD – Johns Hopkins Univeristy

2:30 Extracorporeal Photopheresis (ECP) as a New Strategy for Transplant Tolerance Induction
Jenny Zhang, MD – Northwestern

3:00 Type-1 interferons, interleukin-10, and the interface between transplant tolerance, rejection, and autoimmunity
Giorgio Raimondi, PhD – Johns Hopkins Univeristy

3:30 Chimeric Synthosomes for Transplant Immune Tolerance
Xunrong Lou, MD, PhD – Northwestern

4:00 IL35: Cytokine or “Vesikine”?
Will Burlingham, PhD – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Varsity Hall III

4:30-6:00 Poster Session with wine, beer, and cheese

7:00 Dinner at Steenbock on Orchard inside Wisconsin Institute of Discovery

Friday, October 13, 2017


Varsity Hall III

8:00 Breakfast

Session 3: B cells and Tolerance
Anita Chong, PhD – University of Chicago

8:30 Donor-specific B Cell Hyporesponsiveness in Transplantation Tolerance
Anita Chong, PhD – University of Chicago

9:00 Mechanisms of Allograft Rejection in a Mouse Model
Robert Fairchild, PhD – Cleveland Clinic

9:30 Radical Relationships in Transplantation: Tissue Damage, Treg, and Th2 responses
Heth Turnquist, PhD – University of Pittsburgh

10:00 Break

Varsity Hall III

Session 4: Translational Models
Will Burlingham, PhD – University of Wisconsin-Madison

10:30 Successful Desensitization with Proteasome Inhibition and Costimulation Blockade in Sensitized Non-human Primates
Jean Kwun, PhD – Duke University

11:00 T32 Fellows University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • a) Targeted complement inhibition protects against renal ischemia and reperfusion injury and prevents progression to delayed graft function and tissue fibrosis after kidney allo-transplantation
    Sebastian Donabetia, MD, PhD
  • b) The NeoThy: A Novel Humanized Mouse Model Incorporating Surplus Neonatal Tissue for Investigating the Immunogenicity of PSC-Derived Endothelial Cells &Cardiomyocytes
    Matthew Brown, PhD

11:40 Aquaporin 4 blockade alters T cell anatomical distribution and prolongs cardiac allograft survival
Michael Nicosia, PhD – Cleveland Clinic


12:00 Lunch

Varsity Hall II

1:00 Charles G Orosz Lecture: Megan Sykes, MD, Columbia U
Combined TCR sequencing and phenotyping to understand dynamics of human allograft lymphocyte turnover, establishment of tissue resident memory and tolerance

2:00 Closing Remarks and Adjourn Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System