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Recent Publications

1. Taylor LJ, Raval AN, Osaki S, Kohmoto T, Lozonschi L. Off-Pump Transapical Removal of an Embolized Transcatheter Aortic Valve. Innovations (Phila) 2017 May/Jun; 12(3):221-223.
[PubMed ID: 28549025]
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2. Gregorich ZR, Cai W, Lin Z, Chen AJ, Peng Y, Kohmoto T, Ge Y. Distinct sequences and post-translational modifications in cardiac atrial and ventricular myosin light chains revealed by top-down mass spectrometry. J. Mol. Cell. Cardiol. 2017 Jun; 107():13-21.
[PubMed ID: 28427997]
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3. DiMusto PD, Rademacher BL, Philip JL, Akhter SA, Goodavish CB, De Oliveira NC, Tang PC. Acute retrograde type A aortic dissection: morphologic analysis and clinical implications. J. Surg. Res. 2017 Jun 01; 213():39-45.
[PubMed ID: 28601330]
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4. Thomas MJ, Bartlett HL, Bassetti MF, Lubner SJ, Kirvassilis G, Anagnostopoulos PV, Maloney JD, Macke RA. Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy in a Patient With Tetralogy of Fallot and Right-Sided Aortic Arch. Ann. Thorac. Surg. 2017 Jan; 103(1):e77-e79.
[PubMed ID: 28007281]
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5. Taylor LJ, Maloney JD. Moving beyond disease-focused decision making: understanding competing risks to personalize lung cancer treatment for older adults. J Thorac Dis 2017 Jan; 9(1):8-12.
[PubMed ID: 28203399, PMCID: 5303078]
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6. Lushaj EB, Dhingra R, Chindhy S, Akhter S, Kohmoto T, Ulschmid S, Osaki S, Badami A, Lozonschi L. To use or not to use? Amiodarone before heart transplantation. Surgery 2017 May; 161(5):1273-1278.
[PubMed ID: 27876282]
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7. Tang PC, Badami A, Akhter SA, Osaki S, Lozonschi L, Kohmoto T, De Oliveira N. Efficacy of Aortic Valve Resuspension in Establishing Valve Competence in Acute Type A Dissections. Ann. Thorac. Surg. 2017 May; 103(5):1460-1466.
[PubMed ID: 27863732]
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8. De Oliveira NC, Julliard W, Osaki S, Maloney JD, Cornwell RD, Sonetti DA, Meyer KC. Lung transplantation for high-risk patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Sarcoidosis Vasc Diffuse Lung Dis 2016 Oct 07; 33(3):235-241.
[PubMed ID: 27758988]
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9. Taylor LJ, Greenberg CC, Lidor AO, Leverson GE, Maloney JD, Macke RA. Utilization of surgical treatment for local and locoregional esophageal cancer: Analysis of the National Cancer Data Base. Cancer 2017 Feb 01; 123(3):410-419.
[PubMed ID: 27680893, PMCID: 5258774]
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10. Anagnostopoulos PV. When to repair coarctation associated with hypoplastic aortic arch through the front: Are we asking the questions that really matter? J. Thorac. Cardiovasc. Surg. 2016 Dec; 152(6):1475-1476.
[PubMed ID: 27697355]
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11. Blasberg JD, Seder CW, Leverson G, Shan Y, Maloney JD, Macke RA. Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Lobectomy for Lung Cancer: Current Practice Patterns and Predictors of Adoption. Ann. Thorac. Surg. 2016 Dec; 102(6):1854-1862.
[PubMed ID: 27592603]
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