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Published Abstracts

American Transplant Congress, 2005
American Journal of Transplantation, Supplement 11, Vol (5), 2005:

  • Abstract #1397 – Large Particle Flow Cytometry as a New Automated Method of Islet Yield Determination
  • Abstract #1398 – Rapid and Sensitive Assessment of Islet Viability by Multiparameter Flow Cytometry on Intact and Dissociated Islets.
  • Abstract #787 (2005) – Kinetic Flow Cytometry-Based Glucose Response Assays for the Assessment of Human Islet Cell Potency

World Transplant Congress, 2006
American Journal of Transplantation and Transplantation, Supplement 2006:

  • Abstract #1526 – Preliminary Assessment of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Islet Isolation and Transplantation Program
  • Abstract #2836 – Improving Clinical Outcomes of Islet Transplantation by Expanded Pre-transplant Quality Control Assessment
  • Abstract #2843 – Human Islets from Donation After Cardiac Death are Equivalent to Islets from Donation After Brain Death

International Xenotransplantation Association and International Pancreas and Islet Transplantation Association Joint Meeting, 2007
Xenotransplantation, Vol. 14(5), September 2007:

  • Abstract #108.5 – Preliminary Assessment of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Islet Isolation and Transplantation Program
  • Abstract #307.4 – Evaluation of Islet Quality from Donation After Cardiac Death Using a Novel Extended Quality Control Assessment Program
  • Abstract #307.1 – Quantitative and Qualitative Comparison of the Performance of Serva NB1 Collagenase & Neutral Protease with Liberase HI in the Isolation of Human Pancreatic Islets
  • Abstract #PJ1048 – Extended Quality Control Assessment of Human Islet isolation with Serva NB1 Collagenase & Neutral Protease – University of Wisconsin-Madison Experience Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System