Alexander Chiu, MD

Assistant Professor

  • Division of Endocrine Surgery



  • MD, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, Chicago, IL
  • MPH, Yale School of Public Health, New Haven, CT
  • Resident, Yale-New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT
  • Fellowship, Endocrine Surgery, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin

Recent Publications

  • Don't chase the adenoma: A probabilistic approach to imaging before parathyroidectomy.
    Lunardi N, Jacob A, Elfenbein D, Schneider DF, Long K, Holoubek SA, MacKinney E, Chiu A, Sippel RS, Balentine CJ
    Surgery 2024 May; 175(5): 1299-1304
    [PubMed ID: 38433078]

  • Assessing Fear of Thyroid Cancer in the General U.S. Population: A Cross-Sectional Study.
    Taylor SR, Chiu A, Hoxha I, Saucke MC, Jensen CB, Pitt SC
    Thyroid 2024 Feb; 34(2): 234-242
    [PubMed ID: 38115606]

  • Rates of Detecting Thyroid Nodules Recommended for Biopsy with Ultrasound: Are All Indications Equal?
    Kennedy E, Zhang Y, Qadadha Y, Cheng C, Adil A, Bach K, Smith D, Arroyo N, Fernandes-Taylor S, Gettle LM, Mayer AM, Francis DO, Chiu AS
    Thyroid 2023 Dec; 33(12): 1434-1440
    [PubMed ID: 37981778]

  • Sexual Harassment in Surgery-Is Operating Room Culture the Culprit?
    Freedman-Weiss MR, Coppersmith NA, Chiu AS, Heller DR, Cutler AS, Longo WE, Oliveira K, Yoo PS
    Am Surg 2023 Dec; 89(12): 6121-6126
    [PubMed ID: 37489517]

  • Diagnostic Accuracy of Fine-Needle Biopsy in the Detection of Thyroid Malignancy: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
    Hsiao V, Massoud E, Jensen C, Zhang Y, Hanlon BM, Hitchcock M, Arroyo N, Chiu AS, Fernandes-Taylor S, Alagoz O, Sundling K, LiVolsi V, Francis DO
    JAMA Surg 2022 Dec 01; 157(12): 1105-1113
    [PubMed ID: 36223097]

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