Megan Saucke, MA

Qualitative Health Services Researcher

Megan Saucke, MA, is a researcher in WiSOR with a background in sociology and qualitative research. Prior to coming to UW, Megan conducted research at Syracuse University and the University of California, Davis, exploring intersections of gender, race, and culture, using interviews, focus groups, participant observation, and textual analysis. Since coming to WiSOR, she has helped design and run studies for a number of topics using methods including patient and provider interviews, stakeholder engagement, focus groups, and surveys.

Megan’s skills include design and development of interview guides, focus groups, stakeholder meetings, and surveys; conducting in-depth and semi-structured interviews; facilitation of focus groups and stakeholder panels; training research staff in interview techniques, inductive and deductive content analysis of interviews and doctor-patient conversations; advanced NVivo skills; stakeholder engagement and subject recruitment; writing and editing; and literature reviews.

PIs: Drs. Katherine Gast, Angela Ingraham, Scott Chaiet, Heather Neuman, Susan Pitt, Sujani Kakumanu
(608) 265-2458



  • MA, Sociology, University of California-Davis, 2013
  • BA, Syracuse University, 2010