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Educational Conferences

Evidence-Based Surgery Conference
This conference focuses on a surgical basic science topic. The topic is presented by a junior resident who incorporates an evidence-based approach to the topic. A multiple choice exam is given at the beginning of the conference.

Morbidity and Mortality Conference (M&M)
M&M is a weekly conference coordinated by the Divisions of General Surgery and Vascular Surgery. This conference involves the presentation of cases in which surgical complications are presented and discussed by the trainees involved with those particular cases.

A case-based conference reviewing the previous week’s general surgery cases from the UW and VA Hospitals. Patients are presented by residents and management decisions are discussed.

Principles of Surgery Conference
The conference focuses on the basic science and clinical management principles that inform the effective management of surgical patients. The curriculum is structured around the ACS Surgery Weekly curriculum (available via the SCORE portal).

Weekly Schedule

Vascular residents attend all vascular conferences regardless of rotation;
PGY1-3 attend Core Surgery Conferences

Monday: Vascular Indications Conference; Vascular Monday Morning Conference (Basic Science, Clinical Research, or Noninvasive Lab); WebEx Journal Club (1x/month); Vascular M&M (2x/month)

Tuesday: Principles of Surgery Conference

Wednesday: General Surgery Grand Rounds/M&M

Thursday: No conferences scheduled

Friday: No conferences scheduled Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System