University of Wisconsin–Madison

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12/21/17, Respiratory Emergencies in Birth to Year 2: The Dreaded Flu Season

Presented by UW Project ECHO Team

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11/16/17, When Enough is Enough

Presented by Nicholas Kuehnel, MD

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10/19/17, Home Birth, Pulse Oximetry Screening, & The Plain Community

Presented by John Hokanson, MD

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9/21/17, Child Maltreatment

Presented by Barbara Knox, MD and Amanda Palm, PA-C

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8/17/17, Pedestrian injuries

Presented by Benjamin L. Eithun, MSNCRNP, RN, CPNP-AC, CCRNTCRN

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7/20/17, Preparing Pediatric Patients for Critical Care Transport

Presented by Tom Brazelton, MD, MPHFAAP and Stuart McVicar, RRT,PF-C, CCEMT-P

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6/15/17, Pediatric Status Epilepticus

Presented by Megan Peters, MD

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5/18/17, Pediatric Assessment and Emergency Care

Presented by Bob Foster, RN, BSNCCRNCPEN and Leigh Hermanson, RN, BSNCCRNCEN

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4/20/17, Pediatric Burn Care

Presented by Angela Gibson, MD, PhD and Melissa Beltran, RN

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3/16/17, Autism Spectrum Disorder: Special Challenges in Scary Places

Presented by Tina Iyama-Kurtycz, MD

PDF of presentation slides

3/16/17, Pediatric Radiology

Presented by Jonathan E. Kohler, MD