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The Jiang Laryngeal Physiology Laboratory shares strong bonds with the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat (EENT) Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai. Dr. Jiang is a graduate of Fudan’s medical school and holds an adjunct professorship position in the medical school. Students and doctors from the University of Wisconsin and Fudan collaborate on the lab’s projects. The lab is currently host to six international scholars including postdoctoral fellows from Korea and China, PhD students from Fudan, UW master’s degree students and MIT graduates who have come to the UW to continue training and contribute to research. Student employees in Dr. Jiang’s lab have the opportunity to travel to Shanghai and work with doctors at the EENT Hospital.

Dr. Jiang has arranged for numerous American otolaryngologists to visit Shanghai, attend conferences and give presentations to the doctors, nurses and researchers working at the EENT Hospital. As part of his professional duties, Dr. Jiang participates in meetings worldwide, recently as a presenter in the Philippines and an organizer of the 2009 Shanghai Voice Workshop. He acts as a grant reviewer for both the NIH and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Dr. Jiang and his lab collaborate with numerous individuals at the EENT Hospital, around Shanghai, in Xi An, Xiamen and Beijing. Students at Dr. Jiang’s lab also provide assistance to researchers in China working to publish their manuscripts in English language journals. Beyond China, Dr. Jiang is also working with Dr. Jan Svec in the Czech Republic to analyze singing data.

Shanghai Voice Conference Images

From left to right: Dr. Han, Dr. Ford, Dr. Jiang and Dr. Zhang at the 2007 Shanghai Voice Conference

Participants at the 2007 Shanghai Voice Workshop gather outside the Inpatient Building of the EENT Hospital

Participants at the 2008 Shanghai Voice Workshop in the main conference room of the EENT Hospital

From the left: Dr. Shao, Dr. Xu, Dr. Gartner-Schmidt, Dr. Wong, Dr. Paniello, Dr. Giovanni, Dr. Jiang, Dr. Wei at the 2009 Shanghai Voice Workshop

Shanghai Trip Images

Dr. Gao, Xiaocheng Dai and Matt take a picture together at the EENT Hospital

Dr. Gao and Matt work together to set up equipment.

Dr. Jiang and lab employees, Julia and Mike pose with an assortment of professionals at the EENT Hospital in Shanghai.

UW lab employee, Mike visits the Beijing Medical School while on his trip to China.

Lab employees Alicia and Rachel and PhD student James, give presentations to the nurses at the EENT Hospital of Shanghai.

Alicia and Rachel pose in the data collection room at the EENT Hospital of Shanghai.

Alicia and Rachel, together with Dr. Liang of the EENT Hospital and Dr. Jiang’s PhD student, James, in front of the night skyline of Shanghai.

Rachel and Alicia pose with Dr. ZhangYi of the EENT Hospital in Shanghai. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System