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The Division of Transplantation is one of the world’s leading organ transplant programs. Our surgeons are recognized experts in their field, providing care to patients in the kidney, liver, pancreas, intestine, islet cell, and pediatric transplant programs.

Since its creation in 1966, the UW Transplant Program has been on the forefront of transplant advancement. Surgeons in the Division of Transplantation have made innovative discoveries that are used throughout the world, including “UW Solution,” a cold storage solution for organ preservation. Directing the future of transplantation, the transplant team conducts research in immunosuppressive therapy and immunobiology paving the way for new drugs and therapies to enhance long-term survival for organ transplant without the side effects of conventional immunosuppression.

The Division of Transplantation is one of the most experienced transplant programs in the nation. More than 12,000 organs have been transplanted at UW since 1966. Recently we surpassed 1,500 pancreas transplants, making the UW Transplant Program the second-busiest program in the world. As of March 2014, the Division of Transplantation has performed 9,100 kidney, 2,000 liver, and 1,500 pancreas transplants.

University of Wisconsin Organ and Tissue Donation is recognized as one of the most successful organ procurement programs in the nation. Its success has resulted in our patients having among the shortest waiting times for organ transplants.

We are committed to providing our patients the best transplant care possible so that they may enjoy the gift of life. Copyright © 2016 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System