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University of Wisconsin Department of Surgery
7th Annual Research Summit

PDF of the 2016 Research Summit Program


7:30 Continental Breakfast and Registration

8:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks, The Marquee

  • Shahab Akhter, MD, Program Co-Chair
  • Timothy King, MD, PhD, Program Co-Chair

8:15 UW Department of Surgery Research Talks
Four 10-minute talks each followed by 5-minute Q&A

  • Shahab Akhter, MD
    “Polymer-Based Myocardial Protection from Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury”
  • Jack Jiang, MD, PhD
    “Advances in Laryngeal Function Assessment”
  • Evie Carchman, MD
    “The Role of Autophagy in Anal Carcinogenesis”
  • Luis Fernandez, MD
    “Translational Research—The Evolution of Funding Over the Last 15 Years”

9:15 Invited Speaker, The Marquee

  • John Biondi, Director, UW Discovery to Product (D2P)
    “D2P a New Culture of University Startups”

9:45 Invited Speaker, The Marquee

  • William A Linton, CEO and Chairman, Promega Corporation

10:30 Poster Viewing and Judging, Varsity Hall
If you are presenting a poster, we encourage you to stand by your poster during this time to answer any questions that may arise.

11:45 Lunch & Continued Poster Viewing, Varsity Hall


12:30 Research Update, The Marquee

  • K. Craig Kent, MD, Chairman, Department of Surgery

1:30 Invited Speaker, The Marquee

  • R. Daniel Beauchamp, MD, FACS
    Deputy Director, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center
    Co-Leader, Gastrointestinal Cancer Research Program
    John Clinton Foshee Distinguished Professor of Surgery (Surgical Oncology)
    Chairman, Section of Surgical Sciences
    Surgeon-in-Chief, Vanderbilt University Hospital
    “What is a Surgeon-Scientist? And How do You Create One?”

2:15 Coffee and Ice Cream Break

2:45 Top six abstract presentations
5 minutes + 3 minutes Q&A

  • Katherine Rose
    “Feeding Outcomes Following Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis
    in Pierre Robin Syndrome”
  • Maia Braden
    “The Effect of MP-4 Therapy Videos on Adherence to Voice Therapy
    in Children with Dysphonia”
  • Aos Karim
    “Adding an Antimetabolite to a Calcineurin-Inhibitor-Based Immunosuppression
    Regimen Leads to Improved Native Renal Function after Liver Transplantation”
  • Sean Golden
    “Does Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) Influence the Development of Thyroid Cancer?”
  • Md Abdur Razzaque
    “GRK2 Inhibition Reduces Post-Myocardial Infarction Cardiac Fibroblast
    Mediated Adverse Remodeling”
  • Lynn Haynes
    “Induction of Tolerance to Kidney Transplants in Rhesus Macaque”

3:45 UW Department of Surgery Research Talks
Four 10-minute talks each followed by 5-minute Q&A

  • Charles Heise, MD / Hongrui Jiang, Engineering
    “Micro Cameras and Laparoscopic Imaging”
  • Lian-Wang Guo, PhD
    BET Epigenetic Readers—New Face in Vascular Biology”
  • Nathan Welham, PhD
    “My Favorite Things”
  • Samuel Poore, MD, PhD
    “Episode VIII: The New Leg (The Osseointegrated Neural Interface For
    Prosthetic Control)”

4:45 Closing and Announcement of Research Prize Winners


5:15 Reception (located in the lounge area just outside Varsity Hall at Union South) Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System