A Day in the Life of a General Surgery Resident

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a general surgery resident was like? Find out with Devon Livingston-Rosanoff, MD, PhD, who took to Twitter to share a day in the life. Dr. Livingston-Rosanoff is a third-year general surgery resident who is doing two years of surgical research through our general surgery residency program.

Pager is off and left at home – must be on research! Until the next trauma shift…
Breakfast and liver tumors at conference
Indications – My favorite conference!
My office has some perks!
Weekend fun at the surgery picnic two weeks ago
Including goats!
Lunch with friends
Dropped by clinic to chat with my advisor, Dr. Lee Wilke
Surgery research in action
Headed to my EPI class
Long day, but headed home now!

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