Wisconsin Surgery Research Roundup: May 2022

Wisconsin Department of Surgery members engage in remarkable research that yields many impactful publications every month. We’re highlighting several of these publications monthly to showcase the diversity of research in the department; see the May 2022 selections below. The complete list of publications by month with links to full articles is available on our Recent Publications page.

Incidence of second primary melanoma in cutaneous melanoma survivors.
Wiener AA, Schumacher JR, Racz JM, Weber SM, Xu YG, Neuman HB.
Ann Surg Oncol. 2022 May 3. Epub ahead of print.
[PubMed ID: 35505144]

Medically smart, fiscally illiterate: Lack of financial education leads to poor retirement savings strategies in surgical trainees.
Barrett JR, Leonard LD, Kovar A, McCarthy DP, Harms B, Tevis S.
Am Surg. 2022 May 4:31348221096579. Epub ahead of print.
[PubMed ID: 35506914]

A metacognitive awareness inventory for surgical educators: Creation of the MAISE.
Jung S, Carnahan S, Krecko LK, Godfrey M.
J Surg Educ. 2022 May-Jun;79(3):569-573.
[PubMed ID: 34952816]

A novel in vivo model of laryngeal papillomavirus-associated disease using Mus musculus Papillomavirus.
King RE, Bilger A, Rademacher J, Ward-Shaw ET, Hu R, Lambert PF, Thibeault SL.
Viruses. 2022 May 8;14(5):1000.
[PubMed ID: 35632742]

Surgical and demographic predictors of free flap salvage after takeback: A systematic review.
Odorico SK, Reuter Muñoz K, J Nicksic P, Gunderson KA, Wood K, H Nkana Z, Bond E, Poore SO.
Microsurgery. 2022 May 25. Epub ahead of print.
[PubMed ID: 35611652]

A human pancreatic ECM hydrogel optimized for 3-D modeling of the islet microenvironment.
Tremmel DM, Sackett SD, Feeney AK, Mitchell SA, Schaid MD, Polyak E, Chlebeck PJ, Gupta S, Kimple ME, Fernandez LA, Odorico JS.
Sci Rep. 2022 May 3;12(1):7188.
[PubMed ID: 35504932]

Use of preprocurement biopsy in donation after circulatory death liver transplantation.
Bolognese AC, Foley DP, Sparks CJ, Schneider AK, D’Alessandro AM, Neidlinger NA.
Liver Transpl. 2022 May 21. Epub ahead of print.
[PubMed ID: 35596660]

Surgeon use of shared decision-making for older adults considering major surgery: A secondary analysis of a randomized clinical trial.
Baggett ND, Schulz K, Buffington A, Marka N, Hanlon BM, Zimmermann C, Tucholka J, Fox D, Clapp JT, Arnold RM, Schwarze ML.
JAMA Surg. 2022 May 1;157(5):406-413.
[PubMed ID: 35319737]