Wisconsin Surgery Research Roundup: August 2023

Wisconsin Department of Surgery members engage in remarkable research that yields many impactful publications every month. We’re highlighting several of these publications monthly to showcase the diversity of research in the department; see selections from August 2023 below. The complete list of publications by month with links to full articles is available on our Recent Publications page.

August 2023

Accuracy of models to prognosticate survival after surgery for pancreatic cancer in the era of neoadjuvant therapy.
Marcinak CT, Parker WF, Parikh AA, Datta J, Maithel SK, Kooby DA, Burkard ME, Kim HJ, LeCompte MT, Afshar M, Churpek MM, Zafar SN.
J Surg Oncol. 2023 Aug;128(2):280-288. Epub 2023 Apr 19.
[PubMed ID: 37073788]

Admission thromboelastography at the intersection of traumatic coagulopathy and inflammation: A pragmatic, randomized optimal platelet and plasma ratios (PROPPR) study subanalysis.
Savage SA, Zarzaur BL, Fox EE, Wade CE, Carney PR, Do TV, Holcomb JB.
J Am Coll Surg. 2023 Aug 1;237(2):259-269. Epub 2023 Mar 15.
[PubMed ID: 36919936]

Can we improve the quality of quality improvement?
Balentine C.
JAMA Surg. 2023 Aug 23. Epub ahead of print.
[PubMed ID: 37610763]
Catastrophic health expenditure in nonneurological injury due to motor vehicle crash.
Nishtala MV, Reed M, Schumacher J, Hanlon B, Venkatesh M, Collins M, Zarzaur BL.
J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2023 Aug 1;95(2):172-180. Epub 2023 May 1.
[PubMed ID: 37125834]

Duration of time CD4/CD8 ratio is below 0.5 is associated with progression to anal cancer in patients with HIV and high-grade dysplasia.
Karim A, Freeman MJ, Yang Q, Leverson G, Cherney-Stafford L, Striker R, Sanger CB.
Ann Surg Oncol. 2023 Aug;30(8):4737-4743. Epub 2023 Mar 4.
[PubMed ID: 36869915]

Innovations in surgical communication-Provide your opinion, don’t hide it.
Haug KL, Clapp JT, Schwarze ML.
JAMA Surg. 2023 Aug 2. Epub ahead of print.
[PubMed ID: 37531127]

Innovations in surgical communication 2-Focus on the goals of surgery.
Schwarze ML, Kruser JM, Clapp JT.
JAMA Surg. 2023 Aug 9. Epub ahead of print.
[PubMed ID: 37556129]

Innovations in surgical communication 3-Promote deliberation, not technical education.
Schwarze ML, Clapp J, Arnold RM.
JAMA Surg. 2023 Aug 16. Epub ahead of print.
[PubMed ID: 37585186]

Innovations in surgical communication 4-Present the downsides of surgery, not just risks.
Zaza SI, Arnold RM, Schwarze ML.
JAMA Surg. 2023 Aug 23. Epub ahead of print.
[PubMed ID: 37610756]

Marrow-derived autologous stromal cells for the restoration of salivary hypofunction (MARSH): A pilot, first-in-human study of interferon gamma-stimulated marrow mesenchymal stromal cells for treatment of radiation-induced xerostomia.
Blitzer GC, Glazer T, Burr A, Gustafson S, Ganz O, Meyers R, McDowell KA, Nickel KP, Mattison RJ, Weiss M, Chappell R, Rogus-Pulia NM, Galipeau J, Kimple RJ.
Cytotherapy. 2023 Aug 14:S1465-3249(23)01010-1. Epub ahead of print.
[PubMed ID: 37589639]