In My Own Words: Dr. Hanks’ trip to Gambia

Dr. Hanks giving a lecture

In March 2024, I traveled to the Edward Francis Teaching Hospital in Banjul, Gambia, to serve as mentor for one of our OB/GYN residents and to act as visiting lecturer. The house staff was extremely welcoming and excited for us to learn more about their hospital and country. Their hospital has an OB/GYN residency as well as general surgery residency.

I also gave three lectures while I was in Gambia. My lectures were given at the morning meetings with the residents and attending. These lectures sparked lively conversation with residents and attendings (or consultants). We had interest in quality improvement projects regarding postpartum hemorrhage and research projects looking into c-section rates.

Dr. Hanks and Dr. Sanneh in front of the hospital

I was lucky enough to stay with Dr. Sanneh’s family, who resides in Gambia. I was informed, however, that there are apartments near the hospital for visiting residents and faculty.

Overall, this trip was filled with a lot of great experiences. In addition to my observation with Dr. Sanneh, we met many doctors in various surgical specialties while we were there. I am hopeful that these connections will be important for creating future partnerships.

Laura Hanks, MD, FACOG is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.