Welcome Dr. Dominko to the Division of Transplantation

Dr. Minter, Chair of the Department of Sugery, and Dr. Dominko

Tanja Dominko, DVM, PhD, is a Professor in the Division of Transplantation and the Faculty Director of the Center for Biomedical Swine Research and Innovation (CBSRI). After receiving her PhD in Endocrinology-Reproductive Physiology from UW-Madison, Dr. Dominko spent over 25 years conducting research and teaching in biomedical sciences. During her time as a professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Dr. Dominko worked across scientific and engineering disciplines conducting basic and applied research in the fields of cell biology, assistive reproductive technologies, wound healing, fibrosis, stem cells and regenerative medicine, and skin and muscle tissue engineering. As the Faculty Director of CBSRI, Dr. Dominko will provide leadership for the Center to further develop genetically engineered swine models for bio-medical pre-clinical and translational research.