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Working title:

Clinical Research Nurse

Official title:


Degree and area of specialization:

BS or BA required; preferably in Nursing

Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:

1-3 years of experience in a clinical research setting is preferred.
Wound care experience or certification is preferred.
Experience with Microsoft Word and Excel software required.
Prior medical device, drug or biologic experience preferred.

Prefix assignment determined by years of relevant work experience.

Principal duties:

The position involves managing clinical research trials for the Division of Vascular Surgery in the Department of Surgery. This involves participating in the daily management of vascular patients enrolled in clinical trials and the administrative management of clinical research trial activity for industry-sponsored, NIH-funded, and investigator-initiated trials.

Responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:

1) Screen for potential study participants based on student protocol eligibility requirements.

2) Discuss research protocols with potential study participants, including possible risks and benefits of study participations, required study visits and procedures, and the participants’ rights as a research subject. Assist the principal investigator in obtaining informed consent from the potential subject.

3) Collect data on study participants pre-operatively, intra-operatively, and post-operatively. This data collection will involve direct research participant communication and collecting data from the subject’s medical records. Data will be documented in case report forms and/or spreadsheets; these include laboratory concomitant medication changes, adverse events related to study drug, and serious adverse events that will be reported to the sponsor and the UW institutional review board.

4) Monitor subject compliance with study drug through direct medication counts, order and dispense investigative drugs to subjects as needed, and maintain investigational drug accountability records.

5) Collect or oversee the collection, processing, and shipping of blood, urine, and tissue samples for both UW and central lab processing.

6) Manage vascular surgery follow-up care for all subjects during study participation via vascular surgery clinic visits, routine telephone contact, and inpatient medical rounds; includes performing physical assessments, drawing blood, and monitoring vital signs as necessary.

7) Prepare informational materials and answer quer

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