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Working title:

Transplant Scientist

Official title:


Degree and area of specialization:

PhD required, preferably in immunology, developmental biology, or related fields.

Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:

Strong history of publication required.
History of successful grant proposal and submission desired.
Experience with personnel supervision preferred.
Strong base knowledge of the innate and adaptive immune system preferred.
Experience with both large and small animal models desired.
Experience with animal model development preferred.

Principal duties:

Within the laboratory of the PI, the incumbent will extend and elaborate research on donor management strategies that promote function of transplantable organs. Candidates with experience and/or relevant publications in inflammatory or immunological disease models are encouraged to apply.

-Conduct scientific research on the molecular and cellular interactions involved in transplant research.
-Advise the PI and research team on recent findings in the field and promote effective research strategies to maximize output from current models.
-Coordinate multiple research sites and investigators.
-Oversee collection, organization, and analysis of research results using statistical software packages.
-Prepare and present results at national and international meetings.
-Meet regularly with the PI to discuss laboratory activities of individual members of the research team.
-In conjunction with the PI, co-author research proposals for grant submission as well as manuscripts for presentation and publication in scientific journals.
-Pursue collaborations with other researchers on the UW campus as needed.
-Remain current on state-of-the-art and emerging techniques, software programs and instrumentation in the field of expertise.
-Other duties as assigned.

A period of evaluation will be required.

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