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Research Fellows

Taiwo Adesoye, MD Adesoye_189x200
I came to the US from Nigeria in 2003 to study Biochemistry at the University of Oklahoma and graduated in 2007. I spent a year at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center studying determinants of HIV transmission in Sub-Saharan Africa as a basic scientist before moving to the Midwest for medical school at the University of Chicago. It was here I first became interested in Outcomes Research, a field that addresses a wide range of issues in medicine from treatment to disparities to delivery of care and how these impact the patient’s outcome.

I came to University of Wisconsin in 2012 to begin my surgical residency and have been fortunate to work with Dr Caprice Greenberg as my mentor during my research time. My project focuses on the assessment of outcomes of oncology patients after primary therapy and the delivery of care in this patient population. I am currently investigating optimal surveillance strategies in breast cancer patients after primary treatment and in particular, exploring the effectiveness of breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) on time to recurrence and survival after curative intent therapy. The overall objective is to create a tailored, risk-stratified approach to post-treatment surveillance.

Lane Frasier, MD Frasier_189x200
My long term goals are to incorporate funded research in patient safety and health services research into a career as an academic general surgeon. Given our reliance on team based health care in the United States and increasing pressure to measure patient outcomes as a reflection on individual providers and hospital systems, understanding how health care members interact to provide care is becoming even more important. Throughout my career, I have recognized the importance of multi disciplinary collaboration. My undergraduate education through the Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State University provided a unique experience to combine basic science education with incorporation of social science. The College’s goals include ‘bridging the two cultures’ of the natural sciences and the humanities, with a focus on providing a cultural context for understanding and promoting scientific inquiry. During my medical school training at the University of Michigan my interest in outcomes research began to develop, and during residency interviews I sought a program which would allow me to develop these interests with dedicated research time.

To that end, I chose to work with Caprice Greenberg in the Department of Surgery and Douglas Wiegmann in the Department of Engineering on my research project, which is a human factors analysis of team performance in the operating room with an emphasis on understanding the impacts of hand offs and team unfamiliarity on communication and safety. I am also in the process of obtaining a Master of Science degree in population health with a certificate in Patient Safety. I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to work with a multi disciplinary research team, and to study both quantitative and qualitative methodologies for evaluating teamwork and patient safety in the operating room.

Rebecca Gunter, MD Gunter_Becca_web_profile
My two years as a WiSOR research fellow will be spent with the vascular surgery outcomes research group. I completed my undergraduate degree in Sociology at Miami University in Oxford, OH. I took a year off after college, 6 months of which was spent in Guatemala in a Spanish immersion program and volunteering in a local clinic. I then obtained my medical degree at Emory University in Atlanta. During my time there, I worked with Dr. Vinod Thourani, MD in his research on transcatheter aortic valve replacement.

I came to the University of Wisconsin in 2013 to begin my general surgery residency. I chose to join the vascular surgery outcomes research group, which has been focused on reducing hospital readmission in vascular and general surgery patients and in improving transitions of care in the immediate post-discharge period. We are currently in the early stages of a clinical trial using Smartphone technology for the early detection and treatment of wound complications.

Lauren Taylor, MD Taylor_189x200
I am currently taking time away from my training as a general surgery resident at the University of Wisconsin to spend two years in the WiSOR program doing health services research under the mentorship of Dr. Gretchen Schwarze. I completed my undergraduate degree in Economics at Northwestern University and went on to attend medical school at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine (2013). While at Northwestern I was involved in both basic science research studying circadian rhythms using a drosophila fly model, as well as clinical research in the field of pediatric regional anesthesia. Currently, I am interested in acute surgical decision making and examining long-term results for patients who have had high-risk operations. To this end, we are investigating the use of a novel communication tool for surgeons to improve peri-operative decision making, particularly for discussing high risk operations with elderly patients. In addition, I am pursuing a Certificate in Clinical Research through the UW Institute for Clinical and Translational Research. Copyright © 2016 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System