2017 Successful Year for Transplant Patients at UW Health

Surgeon Dixon Kaufman, MD

2017 was a successful year for the UW Transplant Program, led by Dixon Kaufman, MD, PhD.

Clinical highlights include:

  • Pancreas transplant program, led by Jon Odorico, MD, was again the largest in the country
  • Liver transplant program, led by Luis Fernandez, MD, had a record 125 liver transplants in 2017. Learn more about the accomplishments of the liver program in this Wisconsin State Journal article.
  • Kidney transplant program, led by Dr. Kaufman, had its best patient outcomes ever, with statistically significantly better than expected outcomes at 96.89% 1-year graft survival
  • Lung transplant program, led by Nilto De Oliveira, MD, exceeded both expected (89.01%) and national average (88.02%) patient outcomes with their rate of 92.58% 1-year graft survival

Congratulations to everyone who make remarkable results like this possible! Learn more about research, training opportunities, and faculty in the Transplantion Division.