Wisconsin Surgery Research Roundup: February 2024

Wisconsin Department of Surgery members engage in remarkable research that yields many impactful publications every month. We’re highlighting several of these publications monthly to showcase the diversity of research in the department; see selections from February 2024 below. The complete list of publications by month with links to full articles is available on our Recent Publications page.

February 2024

Analysis of >15 000 solid organ transplant recipients reveals nonanal genitourinary HPV-related disease as highest risk predictor for anal squamous intraepithelial lesions/anal cancer.
Freeman MJ, Yang Q, Cherney-Stafford L, Striker R, Foley DP, Al-Adra DP, Sanger CB.
Transplantation. 2024 Feb 22. Epub ahead of print.
[PubMed ID: 38383963]

Association between estrogen exposure and idiopathic subglottic stenosis.
Nanda N, Huang LC, Chen SC, Berry LD, Talatala ERR, Clark E, Ye W, Gelbard A, Francis DO; North American Airway Collaborative.
Laryngoscope. 2024 Feb;134(2):825-830. Epub 2023 Sep 5.
[PubMed ID: 37668331]

Bilateral lung transplantation: How I teach it.
Hall DJ, Angeles CE, Guenther TM, Xia Y, Maloney JD, DeCamp MM, McCarthy DP.
Ann Thorac Surg. 2024 Feb;117(2):285-288. Epub 2023 Sep 29.
[PubMed ID: 37777148]

Is nonoperative management of appendicitis safe and effective in multi-morbid patients?
Lunardi N, Meier J, Pham TH, Zarzaur BL, Agarwal S, Sharath S, Kougias P, Balentine CJ.
Surgery. 2024 Feb;175(2):258-264. Epub 2023 Nov 30.
[PubMed ID: 38040596]

Perforator dissection porcine abdominal model: A novel simulator to improve microsurgical training.
Shaffrey EC, Zeng W, Nicksic PJ, Eftekari SC, Frank JM, Dingle AM, Poore SO.
J Reconstr Microsurg. 2024 Feb 23. Epub ahead of print.
[PubMed ID: 38395058]

“The equipoise ruler:” A national survey on surgeon judgment about the value of surgery.
Zychowski KL, Stalter LN, Erb BM, Hanlon BM, Bushaw KJ, Buffington A, Bradley T, Arnold RM, Clapp J, Kruser JM, Schwarze ML.
Ann Surg. 2024 Feb 8. Epub ahead of print.
[PubMed ID: 38328985]

Twelve thousand kidney transplants over more than 55 Y: A single-center experience.
Parajuli S, Garonzik-Wang J, Astor BC, Aziz F, Garg N, Welch B, Odorico J, Mezrich J, Kaufman D, Foley DP, Mandelbrot D.
Transplant Direct. 2024 Jan 19;10(2):e1575.
[PubMed ID: 38264296]