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Authors Burlingham WJ, Benichou G
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Journal Chimerism Volume: 3 Issue: 2 Pages: 29-36
Publish Date 2012 Apr-Jun
PubMed ID 22850252
PMC ID 3442809

The NIMA paradox is the observation that in transplants of allogeneic kidneys or hematopoietic stem cells, siblings benefit from re-exposure to non-inherited maternal antigens (NIMA), whereas re-exposure to a transplant from mother herself, theoretically the ideal “NIMA” donor, does not yield clinical results superior to a father-donated allograft. Recent observations of bidirectional alloreactivity in kidney and cord blood transplantation offer a possible solution to this paradox. If correct, the proposed solution points the way to clinical applications of microchimerism in solid organ and hematopoetic transplants.

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