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Authors Julliard W, Niles SD, Maloney JD
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Journal Perfusion Volume: 30 Issue: 5 Pages: 400-2
Publish Date 2015 Jul
PubMed ID 25249517

Two patients presented in profound respiratory distress unresponsive to maximal support and were placed on venovenous ECMO. Subsequently, both were found to have a patent foramen ovale and high pulmonary artery pressures, resulting in a right to left shunt. Both patients had a better than expected response to ECMO, likely related to their shunts allowing oxygenated blood to bypass the high pulmonary artery pressures and go directly to the left heart. Both patients were successfully weaned from ECMO and discharged to home in good condition. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System