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Authors Ford CN, Martin DW, Warner TF
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Journal Laryngoscope Volume: 94 Issue: 4 Pages: 513-8
Publish Date 1984 Apr
PubMed ID 6708694

Glottic insufficiency has been successfully managed by Teflon augmentation of paretic vocal cords over the past two decades. Collagen fulfills the criteria for a suitable bioimplant and is an attractive alternative as it is a normal constituent of the extracellular protein matrix. This study explores the use of modified bovine collagen injected into the canine larynx. Clinical situations are simulated by creating lesions and injecting collagen at different sites. The technique permits precise placement and quantification. Histologic study of the collagen implant fails to show evidence of significant foreign body reaction. The injected collagen appears similar to viable connective tissue and is colonized by host fibroblasts and nourishing capillaries. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System