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Authors Redfield RR, Kaufman DB, Odorico JS
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Journal Curr Transplant Rep Volume: 2 Issue: 2 Pages: 169-175
Publish Date 2015
PubMed ID 26000231
PMC ID 4431702

Despite significant improvement in pancreas allograft survival, rejection of the pancreas remains a major clinical problem. In addition to cellular rejection of the pancreas, antibody-mediated rejection of the pancreas is now a well-described entity. The 2011 Banff update established comprehensive guidelines for the diagnosis of acute and chronic AMR. The pancreas biopsy is critical in order to accurately diagnose and treat pancreas rejection. Other modes of monitoring pancreas rejection we feel are neither sensitive nor specific enough. In this review, we examine recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of pancreas rejection as well as describe practical diagnostic and treatment algorithms.

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