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Authors Abate C, Riganti C, Pati ML, Ghigo D, Berardi F, Mavlyutov T, Guo LW, Ruoho A
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Journal Eur J Med Chem Volume: 108 Pages: 577-585
Publish Date 2016 Jan 27
PubMed ID 26717207
PMC ID 4755300

Despite their controversial physiology, sigma-1 (σ1) receptors are intriguing targets for the development of therapeutic agents for central nervous system diseases. With the aim of providing versatile pharmacological tools to study σ1 receptors, we developed three σ1 fluorescent tracers by functionalizing three well characterized σ1 ligands with a fluorescent tag. A good compromise between σ1 binding affinity and fluorescent properties was reached, and the σ1 specific targeting of the novel tracers was demonstrated by confocal microscopy and flow cytometry. These novel ligands were also successfully used in competition binding studies by flow cytometry, showing their utility in nonradioactive binding assays as an alternative strategy to the more classical radioligand binding assays. To the best of our knowledge these are the first σ1 fluorescent ligands to be developed and successfully employed in living cells, representing promising tools to strengthen σ1 receptors related studies.

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