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Authors Sutton JM, Wilson GC, Paquette IM, Wima K, Hanseman DJ, Quillin RC, Sussman JJ, Edwards MJ, Ahmad SA, Shah SA, Abbott DE
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Journal HPB (Oxford) Volume: 16 Issue: 12 Pages: 1056-61
Publish Date 2014 Dec
PubMed ID 25041104
PMC ID 4253327

The cost implication of variability in pancreatic surgery is not well described. It was hypothesized that for a pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD), lower volume centres demonstrate worse peri-operative outcomes at higher costs.From 2009-2011, 9883 patients undergoing a PD were identified from the University HealthSystems Consortium (UHC) database and stratified into quintiles by annual hospital case volume. A decision analytic model was constructed to assess cost effectiveness. Total direct cost data were based on Medicare cost/charge ratios and included readmission costs when applicable.The lowest volume centres demonstrated a higher peri-operative mortality rate (3.5% versus 1.3%, P < 0.001) compared with the highest volume centres. When both index and readmission costs were considered, the per-patient total direct cost at the lowest volume centres was $23,005, or 10.9% (i.e. $2263 per case) more than at the highest volume centres. One-way sensitivity analyses adjusting for peri-operative mortality (1.3% at all centres) did not materially change the cost effectiveness analysis. Differences in cost were largely recognized in the index admission; readmission costs were similar across quintiles.For PD, low volume centres have higher peri-operative mortality rates and 10.9% higher cost per patient. Performance of PD at higher volume centres can lead to both better outcomes and substantial cost savings.

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