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Authors Tang SS, Mohad V, Gowda M, Thibeault SL
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Journal J Voice Volume: 31 Issue: 5 Pages: 520-527
Publish Date 2017 Sep
PubMed ID 28359643
PMC ID 5583023

As one of the key fibrous proteins in the extracellular matrix, collagen plays a significant role in the structural and biomechanical characteristics of the vocal fold. Anchored fibrils of collagen create secure structural regions within the vocal folds and are strong enough to sustain vibratory impact and stretch during phonation. This contributes tensile strength, density, and organization to the vocal folds and influences health and pathogenesis. This review offers a comprehensive summary for a current understanding of collagen within normal vocal fold tissues throughout the life span as well as vocal pathology and wound repair. Further, collagen’s molecular structure and biosynthesis are discussed. Finally, collagen alterations in tissue injury and repair and the incorporation of collagen-based biomaterials as a method of treating voice disorders are reviewed.

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