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Authors Morgan CE, Wasserman MA, Kibbe MR
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Journal Ann. Surg. Volume: 263 Issue: 5 Pages: 900-7
Publish Date 2016 May
PubMed ID 26756763
PMC ID 5142627

To describe the components of targeted nanotherapeutics and to review their applications in the treatment of surgical diseases.Targeted nanotherapeutic is a novel strategy for treating a variety of diseases and is an emerging technology that offers advantages over current treatment strategies. The nanoscale size, combined with the ability to surface functionalize the delivery vehicle to enable targeting and incorporate a therapeutic payload, provides a new and innovative therapeutic platform to treat surgical diseases that has yet to be fully realized in the surgical arena.A comprehensive literature review of nanotherapeutics, targeting strategies, and their utility in treating surgical diseases is performed.Targeted nanotherapeutics have demonstrated safety and biocompatibility in treating surgical diseases. The ability to surface functionalize the nanoparticles affords a unique tailorability that enables targeting specificity and therapeutic payload delivery to treat a variety of surgical diseases. Moreover, the small size and targeting capabilities allow access to biological compartments, such as the blood-brain barrier, that have previously been difficult to treat.Targeted nanotherapeutics represent a novel therapeutic platform and have great potential to impact the treatment of surgical diseases.

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