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Authors Russ AJ, Faucher LD, Gordon DB, Pellino TA, Schurr MJ
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Journal J. Surg. Res. Volume: 169 Issue: 1 Pages: 25-30
Publish Date 2011 Jul
PubMed ID 20080256

The purpose of the present study is to assess pain and functional outcomes at 1 y following inguinal herniorrhaphy in which patients were randomized to receive a continuous wound infusion of bupivacaine to receiving a saline infusion.Patients received saline or bupivacaine prior to incision and then for 60 h postoperatively. The incidence, severity, and functional interference of pain were assessed for five postoperative days, and at 1 y.Seventy patients completed a survey 1 y following herniorrhaphy. Four percent (3/72) of patients were in moderate to severe pain “almost always” or “often”. Twenty-one percent (15/72) of patients experienced pain with ambulation. There was no difference between groups at 1 y.The incidence of moderate or severe pain is concerning 1 y following surgery. Functional aberrations associated with pain should be assessed in all studies evaluating long-term pain after herniorrhaphy. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System