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Authors Hanish SI, Samaniego M, Mezrich JD, Foley DP, Leverson GE, Lorentzen DF, Sollinger HW, Pirsch JD, D'Alessandro AM, Fernandez LA
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Journal Transplantation Volume: 90 Issue: 1 Pages: 52-60
Publish Date 2010 Jul 15
PubMed ID 20626084
PMC ID 3085017

With adoption of Model for End-Stage Liver Disease, the number of simultaneous liver-kidney transplants (SLK) has greatly increased. A recent registry study questioned the equity of allocating kidney transplants (KTx) simultaneously with liver transplantation due to poor outcomes (Locke et al., Transplantation 2008; 85: 935).To investigate outcome of KTx in SLK, all SLK (n=36) performed at our center from January 2000 to December 2007 were reviewed and KTx outcomes compared with those of kidney transplant alone (KTA) performed during that period (n=1283). We also reviewed whether pretransplant panel reactive antibody and donor-specific antibody affected KTx outcome in SLK.One- and 3-year KTx and patient survival were not different between KTA and SLK regardless of sensitization level. There were 348 (27%) KTx failures in KTA vs. 6 (17%) in SLK (NS). Overall freedom from acute cellular rejection (ACR) and antibody-mediated rejection (AMR) in SLK was 93 and 96% at 3 years, compared with 72 and 78% in KTA (P=0.0105 and P=0.0744, respectively). Sensitized KTx recipients had more ACR and AMR (32 and 38%) at 3 years compared with nonsensitized recipients (28 and 20%) (P=0.23 and 0.0001, respectively). No differences in ACR and AMR were observed when SLK was divided and level of sensitization compared (P=0.17 and 0.65, respectively).SLK is a life-saving procedure with excellent patient and graft survival. AMR incidence in the KTx appears reduced in SLK compared with KTA regardless of level of preoperative panel reactive antibody. A high level of donor-specific antibody should not preclude simultaneous transplantation when clinically indicated.

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