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Our top 5 Surgery Sett podcasts of 2018

Check out the top 5 most played episodes of 2018 for our podcast, the Surgery Sett. Listen or download the podcast by following the links below:

  1. Surgical Power Couples: Episode 39: Drs. Laurel Rice and Chip Foley discussing being two married surgeons. They did a Grand Rounds talk on the subject, which can be seen here.
  2. #ILookLikeASurgeon: Episode 14: In this special edition of the Surgery Sett, host Jonathan Kohler sits down with Dr. Susan Pitt, an Assistant Professor in the Division of Endocrine Surgeon here at UW to discuss her viral image challenge to women surgeons.
  3. A Transplant Surgery Spanning 50 Years and 2 Continents: Episode 36: Dr. Munci Kalayoglu is a famed transplant surgeon who spent the bulk of his career at the University of Wisconsin. Today he speaks to us about his incredibly journey throughout his career as a surgeon and the creation of the UW liver transplant program.
  4. Maintaining Weight Loss: Episode 41: Dr. Corrine Voils is a psychologist and the scientific director of Wisconsin Surgical Outcomes Research Program. Dr. Voils has been the Principal Investigator of randomized controlled trials to evaluate the efficacy of a weight loss maintenance intervention.
  5. Obesity and Cutting-Edge Treatment Approaches: Episode 37: Assistant Professor Dr. Luke Funk specializes in minimally invasive techniques for bariatric and metabolic surgery. Dr. Funk spoke to us about the 2018 UW Obesity Management Summit and the latest in bariatric surgery.