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Authors Yamanaka T, Pyle GM, Hosoi H
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Journal Auris Nasus Larynx Volume: 41 Issue: 2 Pages: 169-71
Publish Date 2014 Apr
PubMed ID 24206827

We examined the anatomic features of the top of the superior semicircular canal (SSC) to help guide the surgeon considering resurfacing or plugging of an associated dehiscence, thorough the transmastoid™ approach.19 selected cadaveric temporal bones, which had no supralabyrinthine tract, were dissected, and distances between the SSC and various structures within the temporal bone were measured with a, fine caliper.The average distances from the sino-dural angle, horizontal canal top, and subacurate artery, to the top of the SSC were 31.1, 7.8, and 3.9 mm, within a small range. 7 (36.8%) out of 19 bones with a, low hanging tegmen needed a wide exposure and elevation of the dura to access the SSC top.Knowledge of the anatomical details associated with the SSC from this study may help to, access the SCC dehiscence safely for resurfacing surgery via a TM approach. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System