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Authors Julliard WA, Meyer KC, De Oliveira NC, Osaki S, Cornwell RC, Sonetti DA, Maloney JD
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Journal Thorax Volume: 71 Issue: 5 Pages: 478-80
Publish Date 2016 May
PubMed ID 26621135
PMC ID 4853536

Advanced lung disease (ALD) that requires lung transplantation (LTX) is frequently associated with pulmonary hypertension (PH). Whether the presence of PH significantly affects the outcomes following single-lung transplantation (SLT) remains controversial. Therefore, we retrospectively examined the outcomes of 279 consecutive SLT recipients transplanted at our centre, and the patients were split into four groups based on their mean pulmonary artery pressure values. Outcomes, including long-term survival and primary graft dysfunction, did not differ significantly for patients with versus without PH, even when PH was severe. We suggest that SLT can be performed safely in patients with ALD-associated PH.

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