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Authors Kelm-Nelson CA, Stevenson SA, Ciucci MR
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Journal Data Brief Volume: 8 Pages: 360-3
Publish Date 2016 Sep
PubMed ID 27331115
PMC ID 4909782

Datasets provided in this article represent the Rattus norvegicus primer design and verification used in Pink1 / and wildtype Long Evans brain tissue. Accessible tables include relevant information, accession numbers, sequences, temperatures and product length, describing primer design specific to the transcript amplification use. Additionally, results of Sanger sequencing of qPCR reaction products (FASTA aligned sequences) are presented for genes of interest. Results and further interpretation and discussion can be found in the original research article “Atp13a2 expression in the periaqueductal gray is decreased in the Pink1 / rat model of Parkinson disease” 1.

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