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Authors Hanson KP, Zhang Y, Jiang JJ
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Journal J Voice Volume: 25 Issue: 6 Pages: 657-62
Publish Date 2011 Nov
PubMed ID 20951551
PMC ID 3046232

To examine the recoverability of canine vocal fold (VF) lamina propria (LP) on rehydration from varying dehydration levels.Open, controlled experimental trial.The VF LP was excised en bloc using a scalpel from 10 canine larynges, providing 20 tissue samples. The initial volume of each sample was measured. Ten samples were dehydrated to 30% by mass and the other 10 samples to 70%. Each sample was rehydrated in 0.9% saline until the mass stabilized. The liquid mass and volume fractions, liquid:solid mass and volume ratios, and the fractions of the original tissue masses and volumes were calculated.All calculated parameters were significantly different between 30% and 70% dehydration recovery, with all parameters lesser in the 70% dehydration treatment group. Half of the tissue samples subjected to 30% dehydration fully recovered to their original volumes, whereas only one of the 10 samples subjected to 70% dehydration fully recovered its volume.The level of attainable rehydration recovery of VF LP tissue in an ex vivo setting depends on the level of dehydration. The results correspond to the biphasic theory and may be used to help model the biomechanical and physiological properties of VF LP tissue during rehydration.

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