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Authors Garg RK, Lee KS, Kohn SC, Baskaya MK, Afifi AM
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Journal J Ultrasound Med Volume: 34 Issue: 11 Pages: 2089-91
Publish Date 2015 Nov
PubMed ID 26432823

Diagnostic tools for evaluating the supraorbital rim in preparation for nerve decompression surgery in patients with chronic headaches are currently limited. We evaluated the use of sonography to diagnose the presence of a supraorbital notch or foramen in 11 cadaver orbits. Sonographic findings were assessed by dissecting cadaver orbits to determine whether a notch or foramen was present. Sonography correctly diagnosed the presence of a supraorbital notch in 7 of 7 cases and correctly diagnosed a supraorbital foramen in 4 of 4 cases. We found that sonography had 100% sensitivity in diagnosing a supraorbital notch and foramen. This tool may therefore be helpful in characterizing the supraorbital rim preoperatively and may influence the decision to use a transpalpebral or endoscopic approach for supraorbital nerve decompression as well as the decision to use local or general anesthesia. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System