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Authors Hartig GK, Connor NP, Heisey DM, Conforti ML
Journal Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg Volume: 129 Issue: 5 Pages: 556-64
Publish Date 2003 Nov
PubMed ID 14595279

To compare mechanical device therapy to medicinal leech therapy for treating venous congestion.Fasciocutaneous flaps of 9 × 7-cm (porcine model, n = 11) were elevated and the associated veins clamped for 15 hours. Device-treated flaps (n = 6) were treated with up to 3 devices/flap. Leech-treated flaps (n = 5) were treated with 75 leeches/flap (5 leeches/hour). Treatment evaluation parameters included: blood volume removed, skin color, surface perfusion, tissue oxygen tension, and endpoint histology.No significant differences were seen in blood volume removed, surface perfusion, and oxygen tension. However, significant differences were seen in skin color change over time. Histological assessment showed mild congestion in 5/5 leech-treated flaps and 2/6 device-treated flaps.Device therapy was comparable to leech therapy for decongesting a 9 × 7-cm flap over a 15-hour period. However, digital images and significant differences in skin color change over time demonstrate that device therapy promotes more global decongestion versus leech therapy. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System