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Authors Zhang Y, Tao C, Jiang JJ
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Journal Chaos Volume: 16 Issue: 2 Pages: 023118
Publish Date 2006 Jun
PubMed ID 16822021

In this paper, we apply an iterative parameter adaption scheme based on chaos synchronization to estimate system parameters of the asymmetric vocal folds from glottal area time series. The original asymmetric vocal-fold system associated with recurrent laryngeal paralysis shows chaotic vibrations with positive Lyapunov exponents. Aperiodic glottal area time series from the original system will be applied as the feedback variable coupling the simulative and the original vocal-fold systems. The parameter adaption technique based on chaos synchronization is employed to manipulate the simulative system parameters. The chaotic vibrations, system parameters, and the bifurcation diagram of the original vocal-fold system can be exactly reproduced in the simulative system, and the two chaotic systems can be synchronized. Furthermore, the effects of noise, sampling rate, and equation difference due to nonlinear spring terms on vocal-fold parameter estimations are investigated. Despite large noise perturbations, large equation differences, and low sampling rate, the parameter adaption scheme can effectively estimate the original vocal-fold system parameters. This study provides a theoretical base to apply chaos synchronization to estimate the vocal-fold system parameters from the glottal area data and show its potential application in laryngeal physiology. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System