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Authors Shen N, Wu H, Xu X, Wang J, Hoffman MR, Rieves AL, Zhou L
Journal ORL J. Otorhinolaryngol. Relat. Spec. Volume: 71 Issue: 3 Pages: 129-34
Publish Date 2009
PubMed ID 19321975

To establish a cervical lymph node metastasis model of pyriform sinus VX2 carcinoma and investigate its metastatic features.VX2 tumor tissue suspension was transplanted into the pyriform sinus submucosa of 15 rabbits under direct laryngoscopy. Rabbits were randomly placed into 1 of 3 groups, each comprised of 5 rabbits. Health evaluation and histopathological analysis were performed on days 14 (group 1), 21 (group 2), and 28 (group 3) after transplantation.VX2 tumors were transplanted successfully in all rabbits. Dysphagia, weight loss, rhinorrhea, and dyspnea were observed 28 days after transplantation. Deep cervical lymph node metastasis occurred in all rabbits at all time points. The rate of submandibular lymph node metastasis was 60% in group 1, 80% in group 2, and 100% in group 3. The rate of paratracheal lymph node metastasis was 0% in group 1, 80% in group 2, and 100% in group 3.A model of metastatic pyriform sinus carcinoma was established. This model could be used in future studies evaluating diagnostic and treatment methods. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System