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Authors Moriyasu T, Nomoto D, Koyama Y, Fukuda Y, Kohmoto T
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Journal Phys. Rev. Lett. Volume: 103 Issue: 21 Pages: 213602
Publish Date 2009 Nov 20
PubMed ID 20366036

Optical manipulation of spin coherence in rubidium atoms is studied. The effect of off-resonant and circularly polarized light on optically induced magnetization is investigated. The change in precession frequency caused by the light-shift effect is verified. Absorption-free phase control of spin precession and pure spin rotation about an arbitrary axis are demonstrated. A theory of precession frequency shift that includes the effect of absorption is considered by using the density matrix and the experimental results are in agreement with the predictions of the theory. Thus, we show that it is possible to carry out off-resonant control of spin coherence and all-optical manipulation of spins. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System