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Authors Freiman MA, McMurray JS
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Journal Ann. Otol. Rhinol. Laryngol. Volume: 110 Issue: 6 Pages: 495-7
Publish Date 2001 Jun
PubMed ID 11407838

A child who aspirates a foreign body may present in many ways. We present the case of an 8-year-old boy whose initial presentation consisted only of his preoccupation with his lost toy and his gesturing toward his oral cavity. There was no witnessed coughing or choking episode, and there were no initial physical examination findings of note, and no abnormalities on appropriate radiographic studies. The patient was transferred to our institution for further evaluation and management. Our careful examination revealed a slight wheeze at the left upper lobe. Endoscopy was immediately performed, and bronchoscopy revealed a yellow, tubular, plastic foreign body in the left main bronchus through which the patient was breathing freely. This was removed without incident by means of optical graspers. The physical characteristics of this foreign body, including its small size, relatively inert material, and large lumen, allowed this patient to present relatively asymptomatically. This case demonstrates the need for a high index of suspicion in the evaluation and management of foreign bodies in the aerodigestive tract. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System